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Published on April 17 2016

With all the freelance clipping path guys and somewhat formal along with structured as well as organized clipping patch company out there, it is not really that easy to find a clipping path company to build a long term business relationship with. If you are looking to outsource your clipping path work and in search of a clipping path company, you may need to look quite a bit.

Everyone will promise to do the best job at lowest cost, that's for given. You can't just rely on anyone's word and outsource your large time sensitive project to them. We know it for sure as we have many clients that came to us as their previous clipping path outsourcing partners failed to deliver on promise. Either on quality or on deadline, sometimes on both.

It can be an expensive experience to find out when your outsourcing partner cannot deliver on promise. Ideal is to try them out with a small job that is not time sensitive. If they can deliver quality edits in a timely manner, start assigning small jobs here and there to see whether the response time and edit quality is satisfactory and consistent.

It can take some time to pattern someone or some company but this way you find someone solid. Most important thing is to find someone reliable who can deliver good quality edits. Pricing will be your secondary selection criteria. Good quality edits and timely delivery come at a cost so expect to pay a little more compared to those people who can't deliver on promise. is a clipping path company that is focused on meeting client project deadline and delivering high quality edits at a very reasonable rate. Contact Joolo to discuss your clipping path projects and to request sample edits. You will be glad you did.

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